The People Behind the Gardens: Meet Our Fall Youth Grow Volunteers

This fall, the Youth Grow program has been lucky to have four wonderful Garden Club volunteers. The volunteers commit 2-3 hours a week to help lead Garden Club activities and they have been doing an excellent job. Molly Jenkins and Heidi Schrimsher have really made Garden Club at Humboldt K-8 exciting and fun for the students, and Gabrielle Macrae and Jenni Sinclair have done an awesome job at Shaver Elementary keeping everyone focused and loving Garden Club!

Gabrielle Macrae

Gabrielle Macrae grew up in Portland and recently moved back to town after living in North Carolina for a few years. She enjoys farming and gardening, playing music, working with kids and riding bikes.

Jenni Sinclair

Jenni Sinclair is a student studying in the fiel d of Environmental Science. She chooses to volunteer for Youth Grow be cause she believes that teaching our children to eat nutritious foods will have many benefits in the future that lie ahead of them.

Molly Jenkins moved  here in September from Seattle, where she was attending graduate school and was volunteering with Seattle Tilth in their Children’s garden.  In June Molly will graduate from Montessori Institute Northwest in Southeast Portland with a certification to teach children ages 2.5 to 6.  She hopes to have a classroom with a worm bin by this time next year!

Molly and Heidi

Heidi Schrimsher  is originally from New Orleans. She has a Masters degree  in landscape architecture and wrote her thesis on children’s outdoor education. She has worked with kids and gardening extensively and was previously the director of education at a botanical garden.

Thanks to all our fabulous volunteers!


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