GG Latest Dig: Our Partnership With the Humboldt Learning Garden

Humboldt K-8, located on N. Alberta St. in the Humboldt neighborhood, is Youth Grow’s newest school partner. We are excited to partner with this vibrant school community, and to support the Humboldt Learning Garden for the next three years. The garden at Humboldt has been in the works for over 10 years, and was created through partnerships with  Oregon Solutions, Lower Columbia River Estuary Partnership (LCREP),  and Oregon Tradeswomen. This past year, students grew a bountiful crop of collards, lettuce, and tomatoes. The collards were cooked and served by one of the teachers, Mary Peake. She and Sean Waller have been driving forces behind the garden program. This fall, they both participated in Growing Gardens’ School Garden Coordinator Certificate Training. Willie Poinsette, Humboldt’s new principal, is also an active member of the garden committee, and a big supporter of the garden.

Last spring Mr Waller engaged students in raising money for the garden through an plant sale, selling three different types of Echinacea as well as mustard and collard greens. The sale was part of an ongoing partnership with Dig to Be Dug Nursery, and the students learned “How to make a dollar out of 15 cents.” Through the new partnership with Growing Gardens, this year Humboldt has a weekly garden club for k-2nd graders, and a plan for a garden club for older students is in the works. Garden Club this year has planted lettuce and garlic, and sowed a cover crop to get ready for next spring. We have tasted fresh salsa (made from tomatoes from the garden), chard, beets, apples, sunflower seeds, and several other delicious veggie snacks. The Alberta Co-op generously donated a big box of pumpkins for our fall celebration, which the kids painted a rainbow of beautiful colors.


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