Wrapping up

The Home Garden Program wrapped up our fall garden installation season with one final day of garden construction this past Saturday.  Over the last month, more than 40 volunteers spent their Saturdays helping 20 families build new garden beds at their homes.  Starting in the spring, these families will be ready to grow their own nutritious, delicious veggies!

Here are some highlights:

  • Passing thoughts on food security back and forth over sheet mulch.
  • Being a part of impromptu landscape design brainstorms in the rain.
  • The energy and enthusiasm of the teams participating in our Dawn of the Bed fundraiser.
  • Conquering cul-de-sacs and water meters to get those gardens built.
  • And most of all, coming together with folks from all over Portland to have fun building gardens, building food security and building community.

Many thanks to all the volunteers, especially to our wonderful volunteer crew leaders.  And to the families who recived gardens this fall, welcome to the Home Garden Program!

Sheet mulching with to keep down the weeds.

An entire parking strip ready to grow veggies.

A Dawn of the Bed team ready to get digging.


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