We’re busting at the seams!

We’ve been in our current office space in the Hollywood District since 1998 and it has been a great centralized location with room for our backyard garden demonstration garden. We’ve enjoyed watching the outdoor space evolve over the years and to see young sprouts turn into full grown trees. But our organization has been growing as well and we’ve reached maximum capacity inside. We currently have 3 full-time staff, 2 part-time and 2 NWSA AmeriCorps members in about 500 square feet!

In order to add additional resources, we simply need more space. We have received a generous grant from The Oregon Community Foundation and Meyer Memorial Trust which will allow us to add a volunteer coordinator position but unless that staffer is willing to camp on the porch, we need to find a new location!

Our wish list includes 2000+ square feet, room for 8 staff workspaces and one private office, a conference space and a kitchen area, secure storage for garden supplies and an outdoor space with sun exposure for garden beds and containers. We know our perfect location is out there…we just need to find it! If you have any leads on potential properties, we’d love to hear about them.

We also want to thank Ben McInnis of Benco Commercial Real Estate, LLC for providing professional support in our search. Thanks for helping us GROW!


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