GG’s Latest Dig: Eat your veggies version

A few links to get your week started:

We have first hand experience with the potential kids have to make a difference in our food system, but it’s always nice to hear stories from other places.  Check out this article on “Kids Radically Changing the Food System.”

With the first hearing in the House on Child Nutrition Reauthorization taking place on July 1st, we thought it would be helpful to provide some additional info on school food.  Here is a great School Food Cheat Sheet from Culinate.

The 2010 government dietary guidelines were released last week, and guess what?  We should eat more veggies…. Luckily, our Home Garden and Youth Grow programs can help!

Community Greenhouses?  What a cool idea! We Oregonians even have one of our own, in Keno, Oregon.


Our fabulous Youth Grow Manager, Caitlin Blethen, is featured as part of the Quillisacut Farm School’s School Garden Workshop.  Caitlin will be presenting on developing a school garden master plan and setting up a school garden committee. The Quillisascut School Garden Workshop is scheduled for Saturday August 14th, through Wednesday August 18th.  If you plan on being in the Seattle area in August (and can’t participate in our awesome School Garden Coordinator Certificate Training) this could be a great opportunity for you!

Our Annual Tour de Coops event is coming up quickly, so mark your calendars!  On July 24th, 2010, chicken owners throughout Portland will open their yards and coops to the community. Visit our website for more information and for a list of locations where you can purchase your tour booklets!


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