The People Behind the Gardens: Faubion’s Heroes

In our second year of our partnership with Faubion K-8, we wanted to recognize two of fabulous people who have helped the Faubion School Garden flourish:

Amanda Hill, the Faubion Garden Coordinator and parent of a 4th grade student, has committed immense amounts of time to the garden over the past two years.  Her strong teaching skills, creativity, and initiative, have made a giant impact on the Faubion Garden. This year Amanda has made great strides in improving the garden space, increasing the visibility and presence of the garden at the school, and engaging students in the garden club with exciting new lessons.  During a regular week at Faubion you might find Amanda teaching garden club students about the importance of bees and other pollinators in the garden, or helping students make tea out of dried flowers and herbs.  You might find Amanda and Colleen, our Youth Grow intern, talking with students about seeds and seed dispersal, or helping students make paper decorated with seeds and flower petals. Or you might find Amanda out in the garden, preparing for a work party and planning tasks for folks to accomplish on a rainy morning.   Amanda has also contributed her crafty skills to Youth Grow and GROWINGGARDENS, including sewing some excellent costumes for Earthworm Tag.  She is overall an amazing woman (she also makes AWESOME baked goods) and we have greatly appreciated working with her.

And then there is Ashley. Ashley Coltin, the Faubion SUN Manager, has also made some fabulous contributions to the Faubion Garden Program the past two years.  As anyone  working with an after-school program knows, Ashley has an immense number of responsibilities and has still chosen to commit her time and resources to the garden program.  In particular, Ashley has been a strong advocate for the garden as a school staff member, and has actively participated in all garden committee efforts (along with several other excellent parents and teachers).  She has also been willing to take on responsibilities tied to the garden, including regularly participating in work parties, helping to repair the cob bench, coordinating the development of a garden sign and bulletin board at the school site, and facilitating valuable partnerships with community members, like Concordia and Oregon Tilth, that have helped the Faubion School Garden thrive.   We have greatly appreciated her involvement in the garden and her positive spirit.

It is sometimes easy to take things for granted and forget to acknowledge the people making the difference in our communities.  Amanda and Ashley,  have each made Faubion an even better place for students to learn and grow, and we at GROWINGGARDENS have been grateful for the opportunity to support and learn from them.  Many thanks to Ashley and Amanda for their hard work at Faubion!


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