GG’s Latest Dig (A taste of everything)

May has been a busy time here at GROWINGGARDENS.  Over the past month, we had our first Dawn of the Bed Installation Day, our annual Plant Distribution Day, and GROWINGGARDENS staff members were found at numerous events across the city.  In addition, one of our AmeriCorps members recently returned from participating in the National Farm to Cafeteria Conference and the planning summit for a new AmeriCorps program called Food Corps (check out their website here and a recent Oregonian article here).

While we’re preparing our posts about Dawn of the Bed and Plant Distribution Day, we thought we would give you some interesting links to snack on:

  • Check out a great post from Civil Eats about the development of the urban farming movement (and what it will take to create a longer term impact).
  • Have an overabundance of fruits and veggies? Visit to find local food pantries interested in donations of fresh produce and watch this video about the founder of the amazing website.
  • A few weeks back many Portlanders had the opportunity to see a special screening of a new movie called Play Again.  The movie features one of our partner schools (Vernon) and some great Portland folks working to get kids playing and learning outside.
  • Finally, this week marks the beginning of the annual City Repair Village Building Convergence, including projects at several school and community sites, as well as workshops on gardening, natural building, and other cool skills. Check out the schedule for more information.

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