The People Behind the Gardens: Meet Our Office Manager Bernadine Herlihy

There are numerous people who work behind the scenes at the GROWINGGARDENS office to make our work possible.  We wanted to give you an opportunity to get to know one of our amazing staff members.  Keep your eye out for more staff bios in the upcoming weeks!

Bernadine Herlihy has been with GROWINGGARDENS since July 2008.  She has an MBA from Portland State University and is also a part-time business instructor.  In her spare time, Bernadine loves to read and spend time in the yard.  Sometimes Bernadine’s border collie lets her take a break from throwing Frisbee to work in the garden beds.  Her favorite fruit/veggie is the tomato and it is the primary crop in her home garden.  Bernadine also grows a few other things, like lettuce, hot peppers, cucumbers and kale.  She got the gardening bug from her father, who always had a garden planted, even when they lived in city apartments.

In response to a question about her favorite part of working at GROWINGGARDENS, Bernadine says: “I love that GROWINGGARDENS helps urban families experience the benefits of growing their own food.”


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