GG’s Latest Dig (Home Garden Version)

Growing Gardens' Home Gardener, April, enjoying her garden

The urban agriculture and food movement is quickly gaining momentum. As we look around the web the past couple weeks, there have been a ton of exciting new resources and articles.  Here is just a taste:

  • Visit GRIST to check out photos of the “Incredible Edible Urban Jungle“.  GRIST shows some creative ways folks have used urban spaces to grow food (My favorite is the garden pots stashed below street level in NYC-Pretty sweet!).
  • Take a look at Civil Eats’ article on Seattle’s Year of Urban Agriculture, and what Seattle has been doing related zoning laws and a pilot program for urban farming.
  • Finally, check out the great Cooking Up a Story video about the cookbook author Ivy Manning’s exploration of kale in the Northwest. Yum!

And in a special Youth Grow news note:

As lots of folks have reported, last week, Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver received the $100,000 TED Prize for his wish to “[C]reate a strong, sustainable movement to educate every child about food, inspire families to cook again and empower people everywhere to fight obesity.” Check out his TED talk on school lunch and childhood obesity.


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