Introducing our new school garden interns!


GROWINGGARDENS’ Youth Grow Program is currently partnered with three Northeast Portland schools in offering after-school garden programming and support for establishing sustainable edible school gardens and programs.  To help with Youth Grow’s work at these schools, the Program  recently took on two amazing interns to help at two of our partner sites.  We are very excited to introduce you to these two amazing women!

Andryce Anderson was born and raised in Alaska, the Land of the Midnight Sun.  She remembers helping as a child at home in the garden, harvesting the super-sized rhubarb, cabbage, and carrots that Alaska’s extended summer sunlight produces.  She now experiments in her own urban plot here in Portland. Watering is one of her many favorite activities in the garden, as it is a great time to check out new growth and discover what the harvest will bring.  She enjoys turning the compost and watching the worms squiggling through the dirt, magically transforming rotten food and organic matter into beautiful dark soil.

As Garden Intern at Shaver Elementary, Andryce looks forward to helping inspire the Garden Committee design and plan their future school garden.  Shaver Elementary is in the beginning stages of implementing a garden and has great possibilities with a lot of available sunny space.  The Garden Committee includes enthusiastic teachers and supportive principal, as well as a SUN coordinator and Growing Gardens involvement.

Andryce is excited to watch Shaver Elementary grow!  She plans to help connect and incorporate even more of the Shaver community by translating parent forms and student activities into Spanish. Equally, she is eager to grow as well, by learning more about gardening and working within the community.


Colleen Connolly moved to Portland more than a year ago, after falling in love with the lush environment and perfect gardening opportunities that Portland offers. She remembers harvesting from her grandmother’s enormous garden in her youth and the amazing rhubarb and berry pies that came from it! Colleen desires to share the joy of growing edible gardens with everyone, especially youth. Colleen has a growing love for farm animals, dreaming that one day she will have a pair of alpacas and a goat!  If she isn’t helping in your garden, you can find her in her own backyard watering her carrots or trying to hug her three chickens, Eleanor, Sadie Ann, and Penelope John.

As a Garden Intern at Faubion Elementary, Colleen looks forward to her involvement with the After School Garden Club, helping to develop materials and teach the Faubion youth.

The School Garden at Faubion is growing bigger with help of a dedicated and hardworking committee of teachers, parents, and Growing Gardens contribution. Supporting the garden committee and community is essential to Colleen’s role as Garden Intern. You can pick up a shovel and meet Colleen at a Faubion Elementary garden work party!  Also, she will be on hand to help install home gardens with Youth Grow families from the community.


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  1. mike said

    I’m sure grammy’s proud of you and your gardening… Of course she’d probably say of the chickens: I need a chicken like I need a hole in the head.. lol… congrats on your new bolg spot.

    uncle mike

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